My Name Is Not Kelly

A little bit of a change from posts past…

My job hunt has been morphing of late, all for the good, but I continue to participate in the old fashioned process of (a) looking online, (b) finding something that I think I could be willing to do, and (c) applying online.

A few months ago – August to be exact – I applied online for a temporary position at a company that shall remain nameless. I even had a connection there and called upon him to get my resume to a real person.


Several weeks later I saw the that posting was “new” on LinkedIn so attempted to apply again online but was told by the online robot that I could not do so. Okay. I decided to take the step of finding someone on LinkedIn to reach out to directly to say … “Hey. Is this position still open?”

No reply.

My first online application was August 9. Today is November 4. I saw online again today the position listed as “NEW” on LinkedIn. What the what?! So, I went to the company’s website and yes indeed, the job was still posted. So, I decided that I would reach out to the Executive VP of HR and say “Hey. Is this position still open?”

The exec did reply and said that they were very close to making a final decision but that I could talk to the head recruiter for more information. I sent the recruiter an email and do you know what she did? In the email telling me that they really were close to making a final decision and therefore it wasn’t of use to resubmit my materials, she called me “Kelly”.

My name is not Kelly.



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