Ghosting Strikes Again

This is a new one, and I write about it only because it’s now happened twice in as many days.

On Wednesday last week a recruiter reached out to me asking to set up an interview for a job I’d applied to the previous week. She contacted me on LinkedIn and asked for my availability the following day. I replied, giving her a very small window as it happened to be a busy day for me.

She did not respond to my email.

I reached out on the day I thought we would be talking and told her my availability for the following day which was open but for a lunch date.

Again, no response.

Friday I applied to a job via using their “easy” application process. Later that afternoon I was contacted by the person to whom the position would be reporting asking for my availability today. I promptly replied telling him when I could meet.

No response.

I wrote again this morning with a very breezy email, circling back to our email exchange of Friday afternoon.

No response.

Here’s the truth about job hunting. As much as you may want to find a job or even as much as you need to find a job, what does it say about the company to which you’ve applied when the person interviewing you doesn’t respond to emails, email chains which they themselves have initiated. I grant you that you absolutely must make room for the fact that “something suddenly came up”, but don’t you at some point have to throw up your hands and let it go?

I’m flummoxed by this. Assuming nothing did come up which took them away from the conversation, what did I say that caused these contacts to ghost themselves … simply disappear from the conversation. Has the process become so impersonal that common courtesy doesn’t enter the equation even when a human is involved? How is this okay?

Perhaps I’ll hear from one or both of them, and perhaps I won’t. Needless to say if I do, it will be a really interesting decision I have to make.

~ Kelly



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