Who am I? Because I am actively engaged in a job hunt, I need to be a little circumspect but to say the following: I am middle-aged, living in the Northeast, and have been out of work since the Spring of last year. I have a boyfriend who shall be referred to as “boyfriend” and a wonderful family, all of whom are and have been incredibly supportive of my process, including my bat-shit crazy mood swings.¬†Why am I doing this? Because… I think there is a lot of information out there that tries to be helpful, but at the end of the day is either confusing, contradictory, or full of self-help tripe that doesn’t take into account the reality of what it is that we’re all doing. I hope to give voice to the absurdity, the frustration, and the insanity of this process. Live, Laugh, Love? No, sometimes it really is just Cry, Frown, and Hate. Both are okay, the former probably more useful, but sometimes the latter is the reality… right?!